About us

Cev-Cam Corporation is a very friendly and highly skilled company that understands your sometimes unusual requirements and tight time scales to get that ultimate desired shot.

We aim to please and meet your requirements without any unnecessary fuss or problems and we offer a very competitive range of prices for your project.

All Equipment used on our Jobs is Certified and Tested to Legal Requirements including all Method Statements and Risk Assessments which are completed before the event as per HSE Standards.

Wire Cam Rigs

- New 20 meters per second (66ft) Endless Winch System
- Ultra Smooth & Quick
- New Overhead Rotating & Travelling Rigs
- Eight Point Stadium & Concert Rigs
- Fast - Double Rail Overhead Rigs
- P O V Hand Held Flying Rigs
- Vertical & Horizontal Track Rigs 20 meters per second
- Fast Ascending & Descending Camera Rigs